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OCS continues with combined forces

OCS continues working in the best interests and with the greatest responsibility for our employees, customers and business partners. This is certainly true in these uncertain times, when the world is finding itself in a position that creates new circumstances for both man and economy. For this reason, we would like to inform you that OCS continues to be available with all our products, supplies and solutions, as well as all our expertise and services.

In connection with overcoming Covid-19, many countries, people and companies are confronted with unanticipated challenges right now. However, only together and with combined forces we can make the best of the situation. As a company, we work proactively and do everything we can. At the same time, we take all the important measures to guarantee the safety and health of our employees, business partners, suppliers and clients.

We continue producing, delivering and installing

Despite the circumstances, OCS still continues to have the capacity to produce, deliver and install our conveyor systems and transport solutions. This means we are still available for business offers and common solutions, even with the situation’s impact on the world at large. Based on these conditions, we continue to offer to produce, deliver and install our products.

Available for dialogue and service

Our flexible offer also involves that our sales staff continues to be available for meeting calls, personal consultation and even personal visits on-site. We are either available for dialogue and service via video calls online, via telephone or via mail. Regardless of what kind of information exchange or forum you prefer, OCS is looking forward to continuing to help our customers with advice and expertise in the best possible way. We are happy to help you with information about our products and services and we are open to arrange the communication that suits you best.

Moving forward with concentrated manpower

According to the current situation, we have momentarily reduced the working hours of our employees to 40%. In order to ensure complete accessibility, we have also adapted our employees’ working hours to an alternating schedule. This means that we and our expertise will still be available for you. Our workforce is in place as usual and are working according to regular office hours, except on Fridays when we are closed.

At this time OCS is also using the opportunity to make the best of the situation for us as a company. That is why we are now focusing on improving our internal processes. We prepare ourselves to be more than ready when the situation of the world economy improves again.

At OCS we are already looking forward to a future where we can put closed borders and negative concern behind us. Until then, we want to wish all our partners in cooperation and everyone who daily works to overcome these conditions a lot of strength and good health!